The Competition


Ms. Senior America Pageant contestants become eligible to compete at the age of 60, what we call the “Age of Elegance.”   Interested contestants who live in a state (scroll down for full list) with a preliminary state competition, must compete there first.  If she does not win the state title, or if she or any interested contestant lives in a state currently without a state pageant, the interested contestant may apply for an “Open State Title” (scroll down for details) through the national office.


NUMBERS (1 - 10)

Each contestant competes against herself.  Each category is judged independently.  In the case of a tie during preliminary competitions, the tie is broken in this order: INTERVIEW score breaks the tie.  If still tied, TALENT, then PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE, then EVENING GOWN.  The TOP 10 FINALISTS are scored and determined using the same criteria.


While the ultimate and optimum goal of Ms Senior America is to have an Administrator for each state (scroll down for full list) and for each state to have its own competition, until all states have an Administrator and competition, we will continue to allow “Open State” Contestants to compete on the National Stage.


Evening Gown/Philosophy of Life




One of the most important aspects of the pageant is for judges to meet each contestant individually.  The private interview takes place prior to the preliminary competitions and gives the judges an opportunity to observe the state title holder’s personality, charm, character, conversational ability, and leadership qualities.


It is the philosophy of Ms. Senior America that clothes don’t make the woman, but rather it is the woman who makes the clothes. The judges will not be judging the value of the gown but instead the values of the contestant who commands the stage with her poise, grace, and elegance, in a gown that not only expresses her personal style, but that also reflects her style of life.  


The Ms. Senior America Pageant recognizes physical beauty but seeks to emphasize that true beauty is a matter of insight as well as eyesight. Each contestant is given the opportunity to present a “Philosophy of Life” statement which conveys her inner beauty, wisdom, and thoughts.

    TALENT 30%

The talent presentation is an integral part of the pageant. We encourage wholesome, family friendly, poignant yet uplifting talent performances from all genres: vocal, dance, instrumental, comedy, public speaking, drama, displaying fine arts, and even the art of homemaking!  Ms. Senior America contestants demonstrate that these gifts do not diminish with age.

Each contestant will be properly vetted by the national organization; checking credentials, recommendations, and qualifications to determine eligibility to compete in all categories at the national level.  What helps a potential contestant to determine if she would like to serve as an “Open State” title holder is if she has a personal connection to the “Open State” (i.e. graduated from High School or College there, or lived there as a child or for work).  The best case scenario is for her to be a native, as in our current MSA 2023 who represented her home state of Kentucky as an “Open State” contestant, who actually lives there.


If more than one senior woman expresses an interest to fill a specific “Open State,” then a committee selected by the national office will decide.  Generally speaking,  preferential treatment will be given first to the woman who lives in the state, yet pending she meets criteria and qualifications, and/or an interview will also occur to decide on the candidate if there is more than one request per state.  Have more questions?  Contact the national office for more details.


The “Open State” contestant is 100% on her own and must pay all required fees that are generally sponsored by a state organization to compete at the national pageant, and she will be treated equally as a contestant competing for the national title.  We respect the time, talent, and treasure it takes for senior women to take on this endeavor.


No state organization is allowed to prohibit ANY senior woman who competed in their pageant from choosing to  compete as an “Open State” contestant.  The state pageant may not block or discriminate against her coming back to compete in her own home state the next year.  At this juncture in a senior’s life, women living in this distinguished “Age of Elegance,” have no guarantee of tomorrow and we encourage women to seize every good and sweet opportunity that may come their way.


Our seasoned, professional, experienced, and carefully vetted national judges are instructed to treat each contestant equally and each woman is judged against herself.   While the information may be available via social media outlets, MSA never informs the judges about the status of any of our state title holders.


Friends, Family, and Ms Senior America Fans will have the opportunity to make your voices heard by voting for your favorite contestant!  Voting will be online starting around October 1ST with cut-off TBA.  Each vote will cost only $1.  The winner will receive a People's Choice Crown and plaque and will not be announced until the awards presentation at the final competition.


The National  Ambassador Award is given to the state queen who sells the most ads for the program book. The winner receives a beautiful ambassador crown, and we are delighted for her to serve as a positive role model for the organization as we recognize her efforts put forth to advance the MSA mission to honor senior women. This award is not judged and is announced at the awards presentation ceremony on the day of the final competition.


This award is judged by an outside panel of judges made up of community servants. State queens are asked to write a personal essay describing their community service involvement and their reasons for serving. Participation is optional and not judged. The winner receives a community service crown plus a cash award to donate to the volunteer organization or to be used to help initiate their next  volunteer project.


Our distinguished panel of Judges are chosen annually by the national directors.  Integrity is the number one quality required to serve on the panel.  Each Judge comes highly recommended, is interviewed, and thoroughly vetted.  Their character, resumes, and understanding of our mission provides complete confidence in their ability to represent with excellence every phase of the Ms Senior America competition. Different Judges are chosen each year and will not be repeated.  No State Administrator or Director will be allowed to serve as a National Judge. Their decisions are their own and are final.  


The current state organizations and their Administrators are deeply appreciated, and we recognize the incredible work that they, their committees, and their Queens do.  It is life changing for those they touch year after year.  Our organization would not exist without you!  If you or if you know a dynamic servant leader who would be interested in becoming a state Administrator for an “Open State,” please contact us at the national office.  We would be delighted for every state to build a program with a strong voice for Senior Women!

1. Alabama ( Rose McCall

2. Arizona ( Marice Kunz

3. Arkansas ( Sherry Marshall

4. California ( Elvia Harris

5. Colorado ( Rene Green

6. Connecticut ( Debra Eccles

7. District of Columbia ( Stacie Mack

8. Florida ( Vece

9. Georgia ( Rosalyn Powell

10. Illinois ( Dr Patricia Polk

11. Massachusetts ( Lorraine Gorham

12. Michigan ( Toni Sanchez

13. Mississippi ( Bonnie Hughes

14. Missouri  ( Susan Pellegrino

15. New Jersey ( Johanne Santori

16. New York ( (

       ( Marleen Schuss, Virginia Werner,

       Elisabeth Zamarelli

17. North Carolina ( (

       ( Polly King, Bev Wetherbie

18. Oklahoma ( Carol Kallenberger

19. Pennsylvania ( Pamela Officer

20. South Carolina ( Connie Ross Karl

21. Tennessee ( Frances Brooks

22. Texas ( Sarah Senter

23. Virginia ( Linda Huntley

24. West Virginia ( Sandi Wisnieski